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Our suppliers

Empowering your success with quality partnerships

All of our suppliers must hold ISO 9001 certification or an equivalent standard, actively comply with REACH, RoHS and CFSI regulations, and be capable of providing PPAP and IMDS. Additionally, they should prioritise delivery time, quality, and price to enable us to do the same.

Threaded inserts

Threaded inserts for plastics, composites, and aluminium alloys are an important product group. We buy thread inserts from our parent company, TAPPEX Thread Inserts Limited, which manufactures them in England.

Wire thread inserts

We offer traditional wire thread inserts with break pin EHC and KATO CoilThread® inserts without break pin, which are available in most dimensions, including Metric, Unified, and British Standard. The EHC inserts are manufactured by WTI in England, while the KATO inserts are manufactured by Advanex, also in England.

Blind rivets

Our blind rivets are sourced from suppliers in Europe and Asia. We can produce special rivets to meet specific needs and deliver standard rivets. Our main suppliers include Qonnect, which has manufacturing facilities in Asia, and 4F, which has manufacturing facilities in France.

Blind rivet nuts

Blind rivet nuts are commonly used in all solid materials. We offer standard blind rivet nuts and Controlled Deformation (KD) nuts suitable for sandwich materials. Our assembly machines are from Swedish Lindova.

Self clinch fasteners

A wide range of sheet metal fasteners, including nuts, screws, spacers, panel screws, and more, are available from TR Fastenings, a leading supplier based in England.

Thermoplastic screws

Our cost-effective EPS screws come from England and Asia for fastening thermoplastics.

Procurement of other products

We also purchase products from our existing suppliers that are not part of our standard range, such as screws, nuts, clips, bolts, etc.


We also sell machines and tools for fastener installation, including pneumatic and electric tools, hand tools, and parallel arms.