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Tappex invests in the staff

Image and text come from Nercia.

At Tappex Sweden in Örebro, 15 employees work in different roles with products found in everything from small circuit boards to large aircraft. The company has been around for many years and two of the employees – Caroline Eriksson and Erik Martinsson, have worked at the company for roughly 30 years each. Both have had the opportunity to try different roles in the company and over the years have grown together with Tappex. Halfway through the staff’s first training effort, both agree that there has been more room for understanding and positive feedback among the employees.

The purpose of the training effort
According to Tappex CEO Tom Ranta, the basis for high turnover and successful results has always existed. But at the same time there has been something missing, he says.

– The results have been there, but I see that we have the capacity to reach further and higher. But we have had to start changing our old habits and behaviours, says Tom Ranta, CEO of Tappex Sweden.

The company-adapted training in employee relations has been developed by Nercia’s project manager Johanna Almeen and trainer Sarah Holmqvist. The aim of the training has been to create room for better communication and feedback between each other and at the same time understanding of everyone’s professional roles and equal value.

Caroline and Erik both agree that the investment in developing the workforce has been very good for the atmosphere and feeling at the company.

– The training has focused on how we communicate internally with each other and not externally with our customers. We are otherwise quite good at that, but internally we have been somewhat worse at it. We have gained a greater understanding of each other’s roles and know better how to treat each other now, says Erik, who works with customer support.

– Just something like getting to practice listening to each other, instead of hearing. It’s a big lift, continues Caroline.

The starting shot for increased well-being among the staff
Tom tells us that this is the first training effort for his staff and even maybe the start of something bigger. Prior to the decision to choose Nercia, he was in contact with several different training providers and ventilated the company’s needs. At the initial meeting with Johanna, he got a positive impression of Nercia’s ability to adapt the training structure and tailor it to promote development among the staff. In connection with that meeting, he also got to meet Sarah, who Johanna thought would be a good match for Tappex

– Sarah is a wonderful person and trainer and has really listened to what we have needed at Tappex, says Tom.

The training has been designed based on the employees’ individual action plans, where they have had the opportunity to contribute their opinions, identify problem areas and express their own thoughts about the areas in which they wish to develop. During the course, the action plans have been continuously revised and adapted as different topics have been explored and progress made.

We have participated in meetings both as a whole group and in divided smaller groups, and this varied structure has proven to be very rewarding. The action plans have been created with a focus on the specific development needs within each group. Our activities have varied from in-depth discussions in small groups to various communication exercises and exercises in giving positive feedback, among other things. This mixture of seriousness and levity has created a safe and open environment where we have been able to share our thoughts and feelings. Big kudos to those who have dared to open up their hearts and share themselves during our training sessions, says Caroline.

Sarah has contributed to a safe environment and given us the opportunity to talk to the point when we talk about our thoughts about our employees and what we think and think is important to us, Erik continues.

Between the training sessions, the staff entertained and practiced some things that Sarah gave them in homework.

As it is easy to fall into old habits, this is a great way to keep going between training sessions. Sometimes we’ve seen each other in our groups and done certain exercises that Sarah sent along and sometimes it’s been together at the company, says Caroline.

Staff well-being creates results
Tom has a clear focus on where he wants to lead the company and according to him, Tappex seems to be well on its way to achieving their set goals. He is also clear that the well-being of the staff is a major success factor.

If our employees feel good, we get good results. We have taken several steps towards working more sustainably and towards the same goal. Before this training effort, we have focused on the strategy work and set clear guidelines and goals with what we want with the company. Now it was time to put more focus on our staff in Örebro, says Tom.

From the beginning, feedback has not been a natural part of our work. The development that has taken place in recent years is very much due to Tom’s commitment to making the staff develop and feel good. Now there are stated goals, a common vision and exciting things all the time, says Caroline.

There is a happier atmosphere at the company now, concludes Erik.

In conclusion, the investment in developing the workforce at Tappex has proven to be a significant journey. By promoting better communication, increased understanding and positive feedback within the organization, the company has already experienced a change in the mood and feel of the workplace. The results to date point to a bright future for the company, where the well-being and engagement of staff play a central role in achieving their goals and visions. With more training opportunities left, the future looks promising for Caroline, Erik and the rest of the Tappex staff.

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Tappex invests in the staff

At Tappex Sweden in Örebro, 15 employees work in different roles with products found in everything from small circuit boards to large aircraft.

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